The Wild Left Coast

Winding Oregon coastline, into California and mingling with the creatures among the majestic redwoods (they make normal trees look stupid), rugged cliffs below highway one… four days wrapped into one

First morning – Oregon coast, 50 miles south of Newport


Oregon Dunes

Redwoods National Park

Approaching the coast through the Redwoods – trees become “normal” again

Elk on the beach (!?)
Fern Canyon

Detour onto the Lost Coast
Lost Coast

Lost coast
Coastline along Highway 1

Cuffey’s Cove Catholic cemetery



  1. Anonymous · September 14, 2010

    Holy crap dude man. Your breaking my heart. I'm in a pub hiding from the rain in cambridge… -nbc


  2. Raskol Ink. · September 17, 2010

    love it! camping in redwoods….beach viewing on lost coasts! very inspiring, i would like to do that someday soon.


  3. Loretta · September 18, 2010

    you know the saddest part, is that my tent is having a better adventure than me… and perhaps that mustache. is that a mustache??? 🙂


  4. rokstar · September 18, 2010

    i call it my secret stache – I've been waiting to unleash it for weeks


  5. Julia Gunn · September 23, 2010

    Rok, these photos are amazing! Nik and I want to know what kind of camera you have? Hope all is well and good luck with the move!


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