Pizol (2844m) ski tour – 23. 01. 2011

Finally managed to connect with Tobias for a tour – amazing weather, fantastic snow, great company. We took the chair up to Pizolhütte and headed west toward the Wildsee. A quick descent to Wildsee, a pause for lunch, and up the north-facing Pizolgletscher to the Pizol col. An exposed scramble up to the summit was made a tad less adventurous by a cable for self-belay. The descent was great, despite the crowds we found untracked lines all the way down to civilization… perfect light fluffy powder. Yum. a map

I also just realized that every ski outing I’ve been on this winter has been in perfect weather… something I’m definitely not used to but I’m quickly acquiring a taste for it. Thanks everyone for a great day out! Again no action shots, I still don’t have a good way of skiing with my camera…

heading out in the frigid morning
the col before wildsee
slopes above wildsee – I’m really into these shots straight at the sun… 
found a poralizer that fits my lens on an old camera of molly’s…
looking back down the pizolgletscher
this is a peak for everyone – shelter from the wind above the col
you never have to wonder where the summit is in these parts… 

some delicious exposure
group summit shot – somehow the only cloudy five minutes were right when we reached the summit
traverse back down to the col
mountain goats
this was a collage experiment – view from the Pizol col



  1. Clemence · January 24, 2011

    'Mountain goats' and slightly over-exposed 'collage' are great pix… Cant wait to be there!
    BTW, you're on skis!!!??? 🙂


  2. rokstar · January 24, 2011

    yep, it's my third season on skis!!


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