A week in Davos and "the only thing better than a ski tour is two ski tours"

The whole astronomy part of our institute spent a week in Davos for the final AstroSim-sponsored event – 70 computational astrophysicists from around the world talking shop. And skiing. We arrived on Sunday morning to spend the day leisurely freeriding with Andreas’ childhood friend Jürg, who is a ski guide in Davos. He was an awesome guy to ski with and if you’re ever in need of a guided trip in those parts, his website is http://outdoorgraf.ch/

I didn’t take many photos because I was busy skiing. But the weather was amazing and I snapped a few shots on our way up to the final run.

Andreas and Jürg just before our final climb

We did a short tour on Tuesday but my camera was only training weight in poor visibility… on Thursday morning, four of us (Romain, Andreas, Yves and myself) piled into a trusty Czech Škoda 4×4 and headed to the end of the road in the Sertig valley and up to Gfroren Horn (2747m). The air temperature was very low and the air was filled with ice crystals which made for interesting light. These were some of the best snow conditions I have ever seen! Powder with a *low* avalanche danger… We had some nice views off the top though the ride down left a bit to be desired. Not a bad way to start a day at the conference though… it was hard to focus on talks for 6 hours after a morning like that…

Yves and Romain following the skintrack out of Sertig

Out on the flats below Gfroren Horn

Gfroren Horn ridge ahead of us with special lens fog effect

Romain on the summit ridge

special effects — my lens fogged up and I didn’t notice… Andreas on the summit ridge

on the summit

a rare photo of me — pretending to know the peaks

descending the ridge

Yves descending from the summit

wine from the Valais to celebrate our valiant efforts

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