Touring above the Turtmanntal

3 day tour with the ZSS in the mountains above Turtmanntal in Wallis…

On the summit of Dreizehntenhorn (3052m)

Up the Turtmanntal

Traversing at the end of Turtmanntal — the massive Turtmanngletscher in the background

Nearing the Turtmannsee — Bishorn in the distance


above the Turtmannhütte heading up the notch to Gässi

climbing out of the coulouir onto the Brunegggletscher

Route discussion on the Brunegggletscher

Approaching Brunegghorn

The massive Weisshorn and Matterhorn peeking above the ridge… 

On the summit of Brunegghorn (3833m)

Descending Brunegghorn, the abyss of Weisshorn NE face below us

Descending Brunegggletscher

tracks on the Brunegggletscher, Brunegghorn in the background

At the Turmannhütte

Markus is pretty excited about the fluffy snow

steep section up to Pipjilicke

climbing up to Pipjilicke

nice powder down Holesteigletscher

Lunch break in Brändjitälli

Our tracks from Pipjilicke

Whiteout at the Jungtaljoch

descending the Junggletscher

back to civilization… 

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