Poncione di Tremorgio

It seems that every time Nick comes to visit in the winter we go to Ticino. Last time two years ago the avy situation was horrible and we went bouldering in Chironico. This year, the weekend in the north was marked by yet another Föhn storm with temperatures in some valleys approaching 20-degrees… luckily, there are insane amounts of snow in Ticino so the choice was obvious. We headed up Poncione di Tremorgio above Ambri — didn’t quite make it to the summit, the snow started to get slabby and there seemed to be a storm moving in so we turned around just below Lago di Cara. On the map, we saw what appeared to be a beautiful glade running most of the way down to the steep forest trail, and apparently the ridge that separated it from the rest of the route was enough for most people to not bother. The five minutes of extra skinning paid off and we had beautiful open trees most of the way down with untouched powder — awesome! We finished the day off in classic Nick and Rok fashion by missing the trail out slightly and getting stuck in a gully filled with half-melted concrete snow. Brought back fond memories of the Cascades…

Coming up to the village of Gioett

Alpe Cara

Light was pretty flat most of the way up above treeline


gloomy clouds

Descending off the ridge at Alpe Cara

fun steep slopes off the ridge

tree slalom

we ended up on a cliff at one point

fun steep forest skiing


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