Üetli night project

After our successful fog photo session on Üetliberg, it was only natural that we should go back and shoot the lower section of trail at night. The trail weaves smoothly through the forest and our fog shoot confirmed that it was possible to capture the entire width in a single shot. So we went back with some strong headlamps, extra reinforcements (Axel joined too) and a flash.

Shooting at night with a single flash is hard. I have much newfound respect for people who produce those really polished shots in the wild with lots of strobes etc. Very hard to get it just right! Thorsten brought his camera too so we had two shots going at once, just in case. This turned out to be a good idea since the best shot of the night came from his camera once we finally figured out how we wanted the flash to fire.

Test shot:

Thirty seconds of moonlight in the forest:


Figuring out the flash…

Getting better…


The next two shots were taken at the same time, but from different locations. The second one is from Thorsten and is close to the shot I think we imagined when we set out — not bad for a bunch of amateurs!

941A2498 2


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