Forbidden City

During my stay in Beijing, I of course had to also visit the Forbidden City, a remarkable place and the center of power in China for several hundred years. I thought I already knew it, having watched The Last Emperor several times when I was growing up. Somehow it made it onto television around the winter holidays a few times. I’m not really sure how to convey my feelings about the sprawling palace complex — timelessness and serenity mixed together with mass-scale tourism and consumerism left me perplexed. At once grandiose and terrible, majestic and despicable.

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throngs of tourists

IMG_6524 IMG_6534

looking back out toward Tianenmen squareIMG_6542 IMG_6547 IMG_6552




IMG_6567 IMG_6569

colorful roofs

IMG_6560 IMG_6586 IMG_6589 IMG_6585 IMG_6561 IMG_6611 IMG_6563 IMG_6606

emeperor’s throne

IMG_6577 IMG_6578

selfie with 1000 of my friendsIMG_6583

some roofs are not as manicured as others…IMG_6593 IMG_6594

drawers for jade stampsIMG_6598

residential quarter

IMG_6628 IMG_6616 IMG_6631

If I had to live in the forbidden city I would live hereIMG_6619 IMG_6622 IMG_6640 IMG_6643 IMG_6648 IMG_6341


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