First adventures with the Tout Terrain Singletrailer

A few weeks ago, Molly sent me an excited email, saying that she had found the trailer for us and that it was called the “singletrailer” and that it was awesome. That it would let us go mountainbiking with the little one.

Indeed, the singletrailer is a kids’ trailer with 200mm of air-damped suspension travel (my mountainbike, for comparison, has 120mm…) providing a cushy ride for the fragile passenger. As the name implies it has a single wheel, which allows it to follow the track of the leading bike very closely. It really is built like a bike with a quality frame, well thought-out design and well-made cover materials.

Here it is with Lev inside just before our first “real” ride:

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Much to our delight, the little guy is super happy in his suspended child “hammock” inside the singletrailer. He sang and chatted all the way up the Uetliberg, and just as we crested the top he fell asleep. We stopped for some lunch while he napped:

Eventually, he also needed some lunch so we found a nice meadow to hang out while he stretched his legs and played in the grass:

After our pitstop, it was Molly’s turn to try out the new trailer and see how it handles.

She was ecstatic to find that although the weight is certainly not negligible (9.5kg + cargo), the handling is not affected very adversely. Nevertheless, she chose to spare Lev the bumps on a particularly rough section:

But continued riding when it got a bit smoother:

Lev was pretty excited — when we got to the bottom and stopped he was laughing his head off…

Eventually we made our way to the nice trail by the Sihl river that leads all the way back into downtown Zürich

And another pit stop:

The mud guard is well-placed:

Finally starting to look like a mountain machine:

Happy momma in the evening light:

Overall we did a leisurely 33km with 900m of climbing (according to strava) and Lev seemed to enjoy the vast majority of it. A good start to the biking season!


  1. Jewel · June 17, 2015

    Wow this is so cool! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to let my fiancé know we will have an alternative once we have a baby. Wonderful pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rrrrrok · June 17, 2015

      thanks Jewel, glad you liked them! The singletrailer is a lot of fun, highly recommended!


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