Etzlihütte – Chrüzlipass – Sedrun

Axel, Molly and I played support team for Dani’s master’s thesis research and went up to Etzlihütte where she could interview the hut keepers… On the second day, we headed up and over Chrüzlipass where we found more amazing scenery and lots of wild blueberries which Dani and Axel later made into a delicious pie. 
Starting out above Etzlibach


Axel, charging straight off a socialist propaganda poster

Crisp morning


More blueberries!

Etzlihütte blending into the cliff

Fluorescent lichen

Axel trying to wow Molly and Dani with his mountain knowledge on top of Chrüzlipass

Dani and Molly descending into Val Strem

Granite blocks…

Glattalp – Glärnischhütte – Inner Fürberg – Klöntal

Hard to believe, but this was our first overnight in the mountains. We chose a beautiful traverse from Glattalp to the picturesque Glärnisch massif. The path led over a bizarre Karst-like landscape and down into a beautiful valley that was densely inhabited by sheep. The overnight at the Glärnishhütte was fantastic with hearty food and comfy duvets… the following morning we bravely rose at 7 am (several hours after all the rest of the overnighters at the hut) and headed up for an easy scramble to Fürberg. Easy but exciting, with a few places where use of hands was required. The descent to Klöntal was grueling, but we were rewarded with a few hours of lounging about a terrace eating and drinking well-deserved beers…

Patchy fog at Glattalp

We descended into the valley and up to the saddle between the two peaks in the distance
bright grey limestone suddenly gave way to its orange cousin

first view of Glärnischhütte – and the fun switchbacks that lead to it… 
view of the valley we descended into from the saddle in the upper left
heading up to Fürberg

On top of Fürberg (2627m) – on the other side of the crazy dropoff view to Klöntalersee

Looking toward the Glärnischfirn glacier and Vrenelisgärtli, the highest peak on the massif

Looking south – our path on the right, in the distance the more impressive peaks of Glarnerland

Niderbauen Chulm (1923m)

My sister Saša visited us in Zürich for a few days and I promised her a Swiss alpine experience… the weather was unpredictable so we didn’t aim very high in case we had to make a swift retreat in the face of impending thunderstorms. We picked the route from a guidebook we bought earlier in the day… our limited knowledge of German led us to believe it would be a pretty hike and based on the map it would be very scenic…. it was amazing! The route went up to some cliffs and *through* the rock onto some beautiful alpine meadows. Amazing.

Here’s the map – the route is Wald-Weid (gondola) then on the trail past p. 1524 upwards over the scree to the via ferrata through the rock face and onto the Niderbaum Chulm ridge. You can continue south onto a super scenic ridge to Oberbauenstock, but not when thunderstorms are expected…. we descended from Stn. Niederbauen (Saša wanted the full Swiss alpine experience with gondolas on both ends) – this route uses all forms of Swiss public transportation – tram, train, boat, funicular, bus, gondola.

planning & safety meeting


On the ferry from Brunnen – I believe the craggy peak in the background is our destination…

The Mythen behind the town of Brunnen
Ok, in case you can’t tell what’s going on here – this is a vending-machine-style gondola… no operator, you just push a button and go
not a bad place to be a farmer

kitsch #1

this little momma cow on the left charged at us while her little calves frolicked in the grass

the trail eventually got pretty steep
and even a bit exposed
until we ended up in a tunnel

through the rock face

our point of approach from above: Brunnen, Seelisberg and Seelisee – the little gondola was off to the right

kitsch #2 – looking south toward the main alpine ridge

the storm brew