Glory Christmas Powder

Last time Molly and I came to Jackson for Christmas, there was zero snow. None. Nada. This year is thankfully much different — when we arrived, a nice string of snowy days followed by a little storm brought 30 inches of new snow…

Keith, Meagan and I headed up to the Teton Pass on Christmas morning at a leisurely 10:30am. The nice thing about living in a mountain town is that you can head up to the hills at any time of day… We hiked up the worn bootpack on Mt. Glory and enjoyed the amazing views over Idaho and Wyoming. We played it very safe on the way down, sticking to low angle slopes and trees along the west ridge. The powder was incredible, especially on the Voile V8 skis I was demoing…  🙂  they’re 112 underfoot! Very fun. Keith and I followed the Glory run with a descent down to the old Wilson road with some really fun turns in the trees.

looking from across the road from Glory — lots of ski tracks from the day before

bootpack up Mt. Glory

skiers approaching the summit of Mt. Glory

inside the Mt. Glory “hut”

Keith and Meagan gearing up for the down

Keith flying
cruiser slopes

Meagan in the trees


Keith exiting… backcountry runs always end so quickly