The aunts visit

A few weeks ago my sisters came to meet Lev and spend a couple days with us…


Tina and Lev


T & L 2


T & L 3


Saša and the Lion


S & L 2


S & L 3


Bath time with mom is awesome


strolling in the Idahood


We got some hipsters to join our table in Josefwiese


I wish I knew what was behind me


Good views and monk costumes…


Fun times


Taking a break


Good spot for a diaper change


Hanging out in the sun




pretty light


nice place for a nap


Uetliberg Kitsch

Tourists in Grindelwald

Recently I got to experience what the future holds: taking lifts to playgrounds, drinking beer in the sun, staring longingly at big walls and big glaciers. Pretty fun actually.

pretty good place for a beer I’d say

Rivella vs. gnarliness

I heard “Eiger” means “mountain with train through it”

Molly loves the alcohol-free beer!


more tourists

hurrah for scenic benches

Annibirthday 2014

Much like we do every year, we celebrated annibirthdays (anniversary + birthdays) with good food some traveling and friends. Also this year, babies in bellies. You’ve been warned.

On my birthday we bbqed a bit until it got too cold…

mmm delicious lamb kebabs in March!

that is a baby belly!


yep, there I am!

The next day (for Molly’s birthday) we went hiking near Amden above the Walensee

Molly cruising up the steep path

it’s important to zoom in on the baby belly even at the risk of cutting off Molly’s head

awesome views despite the strange fog and a very scenic trail!

Meggie and Keith

Euro 2012 – Spain vs. Italy 4-0

Come on azzuri — the one time since 2006 I root for you, you completely failed to impress. Where’s the magic? Well the atmosphere in Circo Massimo was awesome nonetheless… the giant field a stonethrow from the Colosseum was a proper venue to watch the match indeed. The people were incredible… jubilant, friendly… even towards the odd fool wearing a Torres jersey. I don’t envy the Italian team, I can already see the headlines tomorrow…

introducing the spanish team
start of the game
After the first spanish goal…

Winterthur Musikfestwochen

We were pretty excited to go see Iron & WIne at a free festival in Winterthur… we started early with some delicious brews in the sunshine and watching the various sound techs and groupies meander about.

Iron & Wine was a huge disappointment, and I think I’m being pretty generous in my assessment. WTF. Why would someone take wonderfully fragile songs and make them into elevator music drenched in saturated never-ending saxophone solos? I just don’t know.

But we had a ton of fun – caught a solid rock ‘n’ roll act (Fai Baba) at the Albani club toward the end of the night. I was glad to see my new lens work so well in a poorly-lit club… this will be fun.


Molly starting to get animated about sound checking

The kids have the right idea

so close

grill masters

Fai Baba @Albani